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Hambali The Wedding Regalia

Hambali The Wedding Regalia

Hambali The Wedding Regalia (HTWR) was established in 2010 to provide a holistic bridal service with a traditional incline.

Named after the Founder himself, Mohd Hambali is amongst Singapore's celebrity make-up artists. Through his years of experience, he has provided his make-up services to regional celebrities including Miss Universe Singapore.

His prior involvement in the arts scene and as a cultural performer give him an additional edge in providing traditional outfits for HTWR. His meticulous arrangement of the traditional 'Sanggul Lintang' makes his work exceptionally unique in the artistry scene in Singapore.

HTWR has also introduced current and contemporary designs in its bridal attire. To date, HTWR has evolved to be modern and sophisticated yet maintaining its traditional emphasis.
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