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Studio Five Weddings

Studio Five Weddings

Studio Five Weddings specializes in Photography, Cinematography and Photo Booth, and we are committed to create beautiful wedding memories with you!

We wake up every day loving what we do and expect to achieve that goal and so we did. Our style tends to fall a little more on the cinematic side, but as you will see while watching our films, we can pull off just about anything.

The bottom line is that it is all about pulling emotions out of the viewer, transporting them back to the wedding day, and letting them feel each moment again. You'll feel the high energy of the reception and then a moment later, you will feel the warmth and trust of a beautifully spoken vow.

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Mega Wedding Exclusive II 2021 Promotion
RSVP your attendance and meet us this 27th or 28th February via this link.

We've got various packages for every budget. Check out some of ours and book an appointment with us should you have any queries!

Pre / Post Wedding Package  •  Overseas Pre-Wedding / Wedding Destination Package  •   Super Saver (Engagement / Solemnization)  •  Grandeur Pack  •  Luxury Suite  •  Production Pack

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