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Built in grandeur and sheer luxury, SpaJelita offer the opulence of ancient Arabia with up-to-the minute therapies enabling clients to taste, touch and feel the difference.

From classic cures with indigenous ingredients such as henna, honey and dates, to more sophisticated rituals based on modern technology, SpaJelita demystifies the legends and demonstrates how these ancient rituals have become intricately linked with the modern Arabic spa experience.

Deepen your appreciation of the Arabian Spa, experience the exotic blend of time-honoured and truly unmatched natural therapies coupled with excellent service to soothe and enrich the body, mind and spirit. 

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Bridal Galore ($288)
Hammam ritual (sauna)  •  Body scrub  •  Body massage  •  Hydrating facial  •  Milk bath  •  Ganggang

Queen Layla ($210)
Hammam ritual (sauna)  •  Body scrub  •  Body massage  •  Hydrating facial

Princess Jasmine ($188) - NEW PACKAGE!
Hammam ritual (sauna)  •  Body scrub  •  Body massage  •  Milk bath

Terms & Conditions

These packages are exclusive to MegaWedding. Once payment has been made via this website, please allow SpaJelita to get back to you on the appointment date and time.
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