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Signature Bridal

Signature Bridal

Signature Bridal is a frontrunner in the local wedding industry, acting as a one-stop shop for brides and grooms. We help your wedding dreams come true.

We provide a comprehensive range of wedding services, from photography and videography (pre-nuptial and actual day), to exclusive decorations and catering.

With more than 10 years of experience in the bridal industry, our people know the ins and outs of planning and executing this very special type of event. We have in-house designers who provide customized designs of wedding gowns and event layouts.

Celebrate your love with an unforgettable wedding!
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Pre / Post Wedding Shoot
3 couple outfit + 1 casual outfit  •  Make-up, accessories and styling indoor (studio) & outdoor (2 locations) •  15R acrylic cover album  •  20x24 bed rame  •  8R table-top frame   •  8 hours of shooting

Actual Day Photographer
1 photographer   •  8 hours service  •  All soft copies edited & returned  •  15R customized album (110 photos)

Actual Day Videographer
2 videographers   •  8 hours service   •  1 cinematic trailer (3-5 mins based on 1 song)  •  1 full edit (30-45 mins)  •  USB with small box

Bridal Service - 1. Couple Outfit
Nikah set or Songket set   •  1-time make-up  •  1 set of accessories  •  1x styling  •  Mak Andam service of 3 hours

Bridal Service - 2. Couple Outfit
Nikat set or Songket set or Gown & Suit  •  1-time make-up  •  2 sets of accessories  •  2x styling  •  Full day service for Mak Andam  •  1x hand bouquet

Bridal Service - 3. Couple Outfit
Nikah set or Songket set or Gown & Suit  •  1-time make-up  •  3 sets of accessories  •  3x styling  •  Full day service for Mak Andam and Pak Andam  •  1x hand bouquet

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