Wedding Checklist & Budget Tracker Template

Wedding Checklist & Budget Tracker Template

We know how planning for your wedding can be both a dream and nightmare... what not with comments chiming in from families and relatives, and the overly-excited friends asking for the deets of your big day!

Although some couples might choose the easy way out by selecting a wedding package that consist of anything and everything (sometimes services that you don't even know exist!), there are some too, that prefers to go old skool. Or rather for those who loves to micro-manage hehehe.

We've curated a Wedding Checklist for your big day for Couples who prefers to engage their favourite Vendor whom they've stalked and surveyed for some time now... Ooohhh I want this pelamin design!!! Omg I want this kind of photography for my wedding photo!!! C'mon, everyone's guilty of that.

Aside from that, budgeting for your wedding is highly advised, hence the Budget Tracker. Just because it is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience and your "kahwin sekali aja apa...", it does not entail Couples to splurge on any services/packages, not considering their budget or financial means. Biar majlis kecil ataupun sederhana, asalkan tidak berhutang.

I feel that this is an important aspect of planning a wedding but sadly, rarely talked about. But then again, to each his own. But then again, isn't it a bad habit that needs to be made aware so that others won't make the same mistake?

I mean, have you ever seen someone boast about being in debt? We have seen far more people whom have motivated others via social media postings, to work harder in order to earn their promotion/bonus/pay raise/wealth, but really though, have you ever come across anyone who would boast about their credit card bills... Makes you think, no?
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