Types of Flowers for your Big Day - Our Top 5

Choosing specific flowers for your big day can be daunting especially when you don’t know where to even begin with! You’re never a flower-person but you want to get your flowers right just for this special day.
Not gonna lie, there are different aspects of flower-choosing you’d need to take into consideration, and the most important thing is what the flower symbolizes. Yes, there are flowers that connotes negative meanings, and it is not just the type of flower, but the color of the flower you have opted for! *mindblown*
But for a start, you might want to give these a miss – yellow carnations, orange lilies and black roses as they symbolize rejection and disdain, hatred, and death respectively. 
While some resort to a Florist to craft up their own bridal bouquet, there are still (I hope to believe) a handful who prefers the tedious fun way of doing-it-yourself, from scratch. It’s a matter of choosing the right flower, size, and color. Fun, no???
We’ve collated a few popular wedding-day flowers you can consider but above everything else, you should choose the flowers that is most YOU. So, if you want yellow carnations and black rose in your bouquet, you do you gurl.
1. Rose
This needs no introduction. They’re like the Godfather of Flowers, and you can never go wrong with them. In general, Rose symbolizes love, passion and desire, but we’ve also rounded up all of the common hues you can find in a rose, and what each color signifies.
  • Red – Love, beauty, courage (a single red rose is also known as the universal sign of “I love you”)
  • White – Purity, chastity, innocence
  • Pink – Grace, elegance, admiration, appreciation, sweetness
  • Yellow – Friendship, care, remembrance
  • Purple – Fascination, adoration, enchantment (although a darker hue can convey a sense of regal, majesty and splendor)

    2. Sunflower
    Considered as a statement flower that can give a bright pop of color to your floral arrangements, they’re just large, bright yet beautiful.
    A symbol of good luck, this is perfect for couples who are daring enough to use this hue for their special day. Match it with other bright colors (from a different flower category too) like fuchsia, oxblood and some greens.
    3. Carnation
    Carnations are thought to be the world’s oldest cultivated flowers. Carnation when massed together, will help you achieve an affordable sumptuous look due to its density.
    While all carnations symbolize love, fascination and distinction, the color of the flower also carries a different meaning. Do consider these meanings before opting for a color!
    • Red – Deep love, admiration
    • White – Pure love, good luck
    • Pink – A mother’s love 
    Do avoid yellow and striped carnations as they both mean disappointment, rejection and regret!
    4. Peony
    My personal favorite! Just because of how it blooms over time.
    Cultivated in Asia for more than a thousand years and then later developed by the French, many love peonies for its fluffy petals (!!!) and how it symbolizes a happy life / marriage, good health and prosperity.
    5. Tulip
    Albeit having a strong association with the Netherlands, this flower is actually a native of Persia! Tulip symbolizes happiness, gracefulness and a declaration of love.
    • Red – Eternal love, passion
    • Yellow – Sunshine, cheerfulness, hope
    • Purple – Royalty, elegance
    • Pink – Affection, caring good wishes, love
    • White – Forgiveness, respect, purity, honor 
    Fun fact: Tulip flower buds are known for being symmetrical, and their petals, if not treated with any chemicals, make good garnishes!